Davide GroppiSampei Lamp

  • designer

    Enzo Calabrese

  • Merk

    Davide Groppi

Davide Groppi - Enzo Calabrese, 2011
Compasso d'Oro ADI 2014

Metal - Glass fiber Floor lamp with dimmer reflector

Davide Groppi Sampei Floor Lamp is really something unique. A sinuous and elegant lamp that holds on to a stem like a real fishing rod. Perfect to match any environment you want. Davide Groppi Sampei Floor Lamp is available in different heights: 230cm, 260cm, 290cm and 440cm, (the latter (the 440) is available both indoors and outdoors) and in two colors, white and black. The materials used for the realization of this unique work by Davide Groppi are Fiber Glass and Metal. Published in 2011, the global interest for this product is increasing year by year thanks to its originality. A flagship product of the whole of Davide Groppi collection. Available in Standard and USA Version.

220 / 240 V - 50 / 60 Hz
LED 18 W - 1430 lm

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